How to decorate your bedroom for fall ?

Autumn is just around the corner, so to avoid the end-of-summer blues, I’ve decorated my apartment in autumn colors. As well as having magpies and hot chocolate. It’s very easy to make your bedroom cozy, so you can be more productive, or when you want to read before bed. Here are a few examples to get you in the fall mood.


Autumn is a time when you can use natural elements to embellish your room or your home. Especially for evenings out with friends.

Tips for an autumn-themed bedroom

This is a time of year when there’s more activity indoors. It’s important to have a cocooning, cozy atmosphere that will enable you to be more productive.

Here are a few ideas for a cozy autumn bedroom:
  •  Use colors reminiscent of autumn: brown, orange, beige and green.
  • Use elements of nature such as pieces of wood, leaves, pumpkins and even mushrooms.
  • Blankets as a decorative element, but also to cover up when you’re cold
  • Autumn and Halloween-themed decorative cushions in the shape of pumpkins, for example.
  • Light for evenings, in the form of candles or small lamps.
  • Carpets, which are often underestimated, to dress up the room.
  • Pictures to add a touch of creativity.

Nature, pumpkin and leaf !

fall bedroom decor

Wood, neutral and mirror

Light and art


Autumn scented candles


Mug and cup for cold evenings

White is your best friend!


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